Saturday, April 1, 2017

20 week update

It's hard to believe we're already half way through this pregnancy!  Morning sickness, migraines and exhaustion were all consuming through about week 17, I'm so thankful to be feeling better now!  Headaches are still a daily occurrence, but they've become a little more manageable without those other symptoms :)  Beckett's pregnancy was a piece of cake, I was sick my entire pregnancy with Ellia (migraines + nausea) and this go around I feel like it's kind of a blend of the two.

Our 20 week ultrasound picture is crinkled all to bits because the kids can't stop sneaking peeks of their sister and the picture itself is hard to see because Phoebe is already a dedicated gymnast. The anatomy scan was a partial success but because of said gymnast, we're being treated to round two in a few weeks. Hopefully she'll move her head up a little from my pelvis so we can see what we need to. Just like Ellia, Phoebe has started to fall behind on her growth curve so we'll be keeping an eye on that. Overall, it was a successful visit! 

Note to self: when you tell your 5 year old you're going to see the baby, make sure to specify that it is an ultrasound and will be pictures only.  I failed to do so and the disappointment that loomed over Beckett when he realized he didn't actually get to meet his sister yet was nothing short of heart breaking!  His words matched with puppy dog eyes, "but we already have pictures.. this means I don't get to hold her yet?" 

I developed a few new food allergies between my last pregnancy and now, so working around cravings has been a bit of a challenge.  I burst into tears over a fried egg around week 14 and lord knows I would jump through hoops for some glutenous baked goods.  In leu of these cravings, I am learning a lot about allergy friendly cooking/baking, so I suppose it's a blessing in disguise ;)

Unlike my previous pregnancies, I'm craving meat.  I could eat beef for every meal.  Steak, roast beef, pastrami, ribs .. I love it all!  We keep joking that it's not a baby bump, it's a beef bump!  Another staple in my diet is chia seed pudding.  I eat it almost nightly for dessert.  I'm also loving nut-butter + honey + banana sandwiches, smoothies.. anything fruit related, HOT TAMALES and of course, Chipotle.

We didn't have a gender reveal for Beckett or Ellia so we decided to have a little one with family this time.  Since we are Friends fanatics, the reveal took on a "Phoebe or Phoebo" theme.  Turns out baby number 3 is a Phoebe and it's stuck as her nickname ;)

Beckett and Ellie are both very excited to have a little sister. Beckett hugs my belly all the time and tells Phoebe how much he loves her.  He's such an amazing big brother and our girls are lucky to have him watching over them!

His current belief is that the baby came in a package, climbed out and tip toed over to me while I was sleeping, opened my mouth real wide so she could crawl down to my belly.  Then, when she's ready to come out, she's going to crawl back up and climb out of my mouth.. Oh kids ;)

Ellia loves feeling for Phoebe kicks and is certain she's right inside my belly button.  I'm excited to get her her own baby doll sling and little bag to match mama and hopefully ease the transition from baby to middle child!

I have loved each pregnancy for a different reason, but this pregnancy might just be the most special.  Sharing it with Beckett and Ellia and watching their curiosity and love grow for their little sister is nothing short of magical.  Seriously.  All the warm and fuzzies over here.  

We cannot wait to meet you little Phoebe!