Saturday, August 26, 2017

Birth Story: Phoebe Rose

Its hard to believe we've had our sweet Phoebe with us for nearly a month!

Our OB brought up the topic of induction around 37 weeks.  Both Beckett and Ellia were quick labors and our Dr thought this one would follow on a similar path.  Ultimately, we decided it was best for our family.

We were 39 weeks and I had been having some seriously intense braxton hicks the nights prior.  The kind that keep you on your toes and have you ready to head to the hospital any minute!  The last few nights like these are such an exciting time, maybe the most so of the entire pregnancy.  The anticipation is so overwhelming, in the very best way!

The morning of our induction, we got up around 7 and had our last breakfast as a family of 4!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting to share the excitement of meeting Phoebe with Beckett and Ellia made this pregnancy SO special.  Both kids took a huge interest in their sister to be, singing to her, giving her kisses and they LOVED feeling her kicks and movements! Before Michael and I left, we took our last belly picture and gave Beckett and Ellia their Big Brother, Big Sister gifts to hold them over until P's arrival.  Waiting to meet your sister for 9 whole months is the ultimate test of patience ;)

I was SO nervous heading into the hospital.  Would our delivery go smoothly, was an induction the right choice, how would the kids do once the baby was actually here?

We were met with the kindest nurse, she led us to our room.  It was important to me to have an oily delivery (and I honestly believe it's what kept the mood so relaxed in our room) so I set up my diffuser, applied gentle baby to my chest, feet and behind my ears and used my beloved claraderm one more time before delivery.

Before the induction we were nearly 5 cm and 70% effaced, a significant progression for our appointment 2 days prior. For whatever reason, it was very reassuring to know that my body was already preparing for labor on its own.

We opted to get the epidural before starting the pitocin (because of our previous induction experience with Ellia).  I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during labor, but still had enough feeling to productively push.  Pushing took far longer than I would ever hope for with both Beckett and Ellia.  The anesthesiologist agreed and said he was happy to come back if I was in too much pain.

We started the pitocin around 10:15 am and just relaxed.  Michael left and came back with some fun gift shop goodies (always have to hit up the hospital gift shop haha) including what are now my favorite slippers and then opted to take a nap before we were actively in labor.

I couldn't sleep, so I sent out a few snaps ;)

At about 11 30 I called our nurse in.  Contractions were getting pretty strong and I felt like the epidural could use a touch up.  Labor was moving more quickly than Michael or I anticipated and there were a few women receiving their epidurals before we would see the anesthesiologist again.

The next 30 minutes are a complete blur.  I remember trying to focus on breaths, fighting through each contraction as they came.  By noon, contractions were borderline unbearable and pelvic pressure was immense.  I called our nurse back in and sure enough, it was time to push.  Panic set it when I realized I'd be feeling as much as I was and our nurse did an amazing job of talking me through the fear and focusing all my energy on getting our baby girl out.  Michael was a pretty stellar cheerleader himself!

With just 20 minutes of pushing, Phoebe Rose was born at 12:19 PM.  6 lbs 7 oz and 18" of perfection!
She didn't immediately cry out and as soon as our nurse brought her to me, she nuzzled into my chest.  That moment, right after your baby is born and you hold them for the first time.. It's unlike any other experience.  It's so beautiful and your heart grows in ways you never knew possible!

I don't know if it is because P is number 3, but this was the smoothest delivery we had.  Quick, not painless, but perfect.  The room was quiet and unlike Beck and Ellia's births, it was just Michael and I, our Dr. and a nurse.  & hey, maybe labor just gets
a little easier with each baby, because you know what to expect AND that you have to expect the unexpected ;) We're so thankful for our 3 babies and we couldn't wait for Beckett and Ellia to meet their baby sister.

Just a few hours after she was born, the big kids came to meet sweet Phoebe! Beckett's comprehension and excitement for P, left me feeling pretty confident he would rock being a big brother all over again! That said, I've worried since day 1 how Ellia would handle the transition to middle child.  She may not be a baby anymore, but she's been my baby and the baby of our family for almost 4 years.  Needless to say, I can't believe I spent even a second worrying about her transition.  She loves Phoebe SO much and refers to P as "HER" baby!

Its been such a seamless transition and even though Phoebe has been with us for just a month, its hard to imagine life without her!

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