Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Baby #3 Due August 16th!

Surprise!  But I can guarantee you aren't nearly as surprised as we were!  

My doctor had me go in for my first mammogram because of some worrisome tissue, breast cancer is very prominent in my family.  Turns out all that worry was over pregnant boobs!

The kids are very excited, Ellia now squeals with delight every time we see a baby.  Both kids are certain it's a girl and Beckett feels strongly that 'her' name should be Hulk... Channeling his inner Tribbiani.. I won't complain ;) 

Any time I go to the doctor, Beckett is sure it's time for the baby to be born... it's going to be a long 
6-7 months haha 

We're now painfully outnumbered.. 5 dogs, 1 cat, 3 kids.  Shits going to get crazy.  I'm looking forward to documenting this little journey and hope you'll join us!

sweat shirts and sleeper by Lulu and Roo

Are you expecting?  What's your due date?  What's the craziest way you found out you were pregnant? 

Until next time! Molly

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