Monday, May 15, 2017

pregnancy update + pregnancy must haves

Some days this pregnancy feels like it's flying by and others I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever.  We hit some rocky waters around week 20 when Phoebe decided to nuzzle so deeply in my pelvis that our ultrasound tech could not identify several needed measurements.  Our plan was to check again at the next ultrasound at 24 weeks, but an atypical migraine had me back in the office at 21 weeks and we decided to check to see if she had moved then.  She had not.  The measurements they were able to obtain were measuring behind schedule (under the 15th percentile) and because of the placental insufficiency we endured with Ellia's pregnancy, our Doctor thought it best we schedule an assessment with a high risk specialist.

(side thought: has anyone else had/have hormonal migraines during pregnancy?  I was fine with Beckett, but both girl pregnancies have resulted in debilitating headaches!  I never had issues with vision until this pregnancy and let me tell you, sudden visual black outs/spots are terrifying!)

little thumb sucker! 

We made an appointment with the wonderful high risk specialist we saw with Ellia.  About 2 days before that appointment (around 22 weeks)  we were laying in bed when Phoebe completely rearranged her position-from our perspective it looked like a complete headstand! When we got to the high risk they confirmed that she had moved and they were able to get all the images needed, yay! Measurements all look great and Little Miss is actually measuring around the 70th percentile, easing our worries and making her, potentially, the biggest Alpert baby yet! She also has an oval head and seems to be taking more after mama a little more than Beck or Ellie Belle.  We have several pictures of her sucking her thumb, resembling the images my mom has of me sucking mine in utero as well!

I so badly want to love all our 3D images... but I'd be lying if I said they didn't creep me out a little. 
onesie: // headbands:

The kids are so excited to meet their sister, Beckett especially.  He asks about Phoebe all the time and if it's the day for her to come home yet!  He loves to feel kicks and movements and my heart just explodes every time I see his face light up because of it!  Ellie is also excited, but not as enthusiastic as Beckett.  She felt a few kicks the other day and looked up at me with an expression that could only be described as, "what the actual f*@#?"

Chasing two kids while pregnant is no joke.  I feel like I have a medicine ball attached to my stomach hindering my ability to move, chase and carry the babes like I would have before (and in a sense, I do). By the end of the day I can hardly keep my eyes open and sometimes I even crash before the kids.  While I don't have a huge list of must haves, there are a few things this pregnancy that have made things a little easier and more comfortable.

My MIL gave us her soda stream a while back and it's my favorite thing, ever.  I have never used it to make soda, though.  I make my own sparkling water and infuse it with my beloved YL oils, which I actually enjoy more than the canned sparkling water.  Not to mention, it's way more cost efficient than drinking a 12 pack of La Croix to myself in 2 days time haha

Birkenstocks.  I have eyed these for years, but never bought a pair because of the price.  I tried on my first pair this year and you guys, they are amazing.  They are so comfortable and they have arch support for your toes, YOUR TOES.  These will be the only sandals you'll find my swollen pregnant feet in this Summer.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo smells amazing and is great for the mom that's too exhausted to wash their hair more than 1-2 times a week.

Blanqi pregnancy tanks.  I was pretty turned off by the price of this tank, but decided to give it a try anyway and it's worth every penny!  Very comfy, easy to layer and I imagine this will be a closet staple this Summer, the belly support is ahhhhmazing.

Bio Oil.  My favorite stretch mark treatment/prevention oil!  I've used it all 3 pregnancies and it works like a dream.  My favoftire thing about it this pregnancy is that it soothes the aching that comes along with stretching skin.  I don't remember experiencing that with the other two and I love that pain can be eased by simply applying a mild oil.  I also love mixing in a little frankincense for the grounding aroma and beneficial topical properties ( I mix frank in with my face moisturizer every night, too! It is my liquid gold.)

Gigantic support pillow.  I used the same $20 body pillow from Target for both Beckett and Ellie's pregnancies and survived fine. This pregnancy, that pillow was not cuttin' it.  My hips still ached, my back and neck were sore every morning and I was desperate for relief.  When I found this pillow, I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did!  It offers support in all the necessary places and I don't think I would have had a decent nights sleep without it these past few months.  Though, don't make the mistake of letting kids or husbands get a taste of how sweet this pillow is, or they will try to steal it from you ;)

As of right now, we are a week shy of 7 months, Miss Phoebe has happily repositioned herself in my pelvis and we are so excited to be closer to meeting our sweet girl!