Wednesday, December 20, 2017

4 months of Rosie

One year ago we found out you were on your way! We were told miscarriage seemed likely based on ultrasound images and here you are, our perfect little bundle. Phoebe Rose, you are just what we needed!

At 4 months you’re 24” (40th percentile and the longest Alpert baby!) 12 lbs and 12 oz (14th percentile).

You’re one happy, chatty baby and you only cry if you need something. You still hate tummy time, but you LOVE playing on the floor with Beckett and Ellia. You can scoot yourself across a room and you love sitting up in your bumbo to see what’s going on around you. 

Beckett is responsible for your deep belly laughs, he can have you giggling for a solid 10 minutes! Ellia loves holding your hands and I know she’ll be a big help when we try cereal this month since she tried to feed you Chipotle just a few nights ago! 

It’s hard to believe you’ve been here just 4 months and at the same time, hard to imagine life before you. We love you so much sweet Rosie.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Phoebe Rose 2 and 3 month update 

2 months old! You’re in size 2 diapers, weighing in around 10 lbs and are solidly in 0-3m clothing. We celebrated your first holiday this month and you completed our Ninja Turtle ensemble as a piece of pizza!

3 months! You’re 11.5 lbs and busting out of your 0-3 month clothing (you have some string bean legs!) You will be in 3-6 month in no time!
We went on our first family trip this month and we drove. Much to our surprise, you did an amazing job sitting in your car seat for so many hours (40 in all) on end! You saw the Grand Canyon, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, Palm Springs and you met your great Aunt Julie in Albuquerque, NM! We drove through Utah, Arizona, California and New Mexico. You’re practically a seasoned travelor.
You are the dream baby we never knew we needed and we love you so much, Phoebe Rose!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Holiday Outfits Inspiration

It's that time of year!  Picking out coordinating outfits for the whole family can be a *bit* overwhelming.  I love choosing neutrals and topping the outfit off with a hint of color, generally from an accessory! Our festive, unique bows are the perfect addition!

Baby Girl:

Baby Boy:

Little Lady:

Little Mister:


These bows are my holiday picks for these outfits.  You can find them in my shop, here!  Phoebe bows are a shop favorite for little heads and the perfect statement piece for your babies under 1 this holiday season!  They're also great for pig tail sets.  The larger Ellia Bow is ideal for babes 1 year plus!  & Did you know you can clip any of our bows into a button down shirt?  Little guys need pizzaz too!

Until next time, Molly


Thursday, September 7, 2017

1 month of Phoebe

How have we already met this milestone?! It feels like time speeds by just a little faster with each baby and I don't like it one bit.  That said, I'm so so thankful for the amount of help and support from friends and family we've had this go around.  It's let me soak in all the sweet parts of having a newborn so much more than I would have been able to otherwise!  Learning to juggle 3 kids is a circus all its own ;)

Phoebe has gained a full 2 pounds since birth and currently weighs 8 lbs 9 oz.  Girlfriend is a great eater.  She also grew 2 full inches (making her the tallest alpert baby yet) and is a whopping 21".

Phoebe's first party, a London themed going away party for Aunt Elise!
She loves snuggling, being swaddled tighter than a chipotle burrito (but only if her hands are by her face), any musical toy (Beckett and Ellia love showing Phoebe how they work) and she loves traveling around in our solly baby wrap.  She's very strong and has been trying to hold her head up since the day we brought her home!

As far as her dislikes, there aren't many beyond the carseat.  Thankfully we don't have any long car trips in the near future ;) 

Phoebe Rose, you are one happy little girl and a stellar sleeper. You love to be held, but don't mind occasionally being put down so you can study the mobile in your crib.  Beckett and Ellia love you more than anything else, the highlight of their day is getting to hold and kiss your fuzzy head.  In fact, who gets to hold you remains the biggest household conflict since we brought you home!

Just like Beckett and Ellia, the dogs don't phase you a bit!  & because you're so used to the barking, pretty much any noise that would disrupt infant sleep doesn't disrupt you.. You're super baby ;)

Rosie, we love you far more than you could ever imagine and we can't wait for the months to come!

Phoebe's newborn pictures

Phoebe Rose, our Rosie girl, our little caboose.  
The newborn days are slim and I'm grateful to have captured this wonderful time!

All of the girls' headbands/clips are made by me and are available at Beck and Belle!
dot bedding // postpartum leggings
My blush blouse sold out, similar : one // two // three
Ellie's dress is sold out, similar here.
Beckett's shirt.

Lora of Swinson Studios is always a pleasure to work with and her pictures never disappoint! 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Birth Story: Phoebe Rose

Its hard to believe we've had our sweet Phoebe with us for nearly a month!

Our OB brought up the topic of induction around 37 weeks.  Both Beckett and Ellia were quick labors and our Dr thought this one would follow on a similar path.  Ultimately, we decided it was best for our family.

We were 39 weeks and I had been having some seriously intense braxton hicks the nights prior.  The kind that keep you on your toes and have you ready to head to the hospital any minute!  The last few nights like these are such an exciting time, maybe the most so of the entire pregnancy.  The anticipation is so overwhelming, in the very best way!

The morning of our induction, we got up around 7 and had our last breakfast as a family of 4!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting to share the excitement of meeting Phoebe with Beckett and Ellia made this pregnancy SO special.  Both kids took a huge interest in their sister to be, singing to her, giving her kisses and they LOVED feeling her kicks and movements! Before Michael and I left, we took our last belly picture and gave Beckett and Ellia their Big Brother, Big Sister gifts to hold them over until P's arrival.  Waiting to meet your sister for 9 whole months is the ultimate test of patience ;)

I was SO nervous heading into the hospital.  Would our delivery go smoothly, was an induction the right choice, how would the kids do once the baby was actually here?

We were met with the kindest nurse, she led us to our room.  It was important to me to have an oily delivery (and I honestly believe it's what kept the mood so relaxed in our room) so I set up my diffuser, applied gentle baby to my chest, feet and behind my ears and used my beloved claraderm one more time before delivery.

Before the induction we were nearly 5 cm and 70% effaced, a significant progression for our appointment 2 days prior. For whatever reason, it was very reassuring to know that my body was already preparing for labor on its own.

We opted to get the epidural before starting the pitocin (because of our previous induction experience with Ellia).  I wanted to be as comfortable as possible during labor, but still had enough feeling to productively push.  Pushing took far longer than I would ever hope for with both Beckett and Ellia.  The anesthesiologist agreed and said he was happy to come back if I was in too much pain.

We started the pitocin around 10:15 am and just relaxed.  Michael left and came back with some fun gift shop goodies (always have to hit up the hospital gift shop haha) including what are now my favorite slippers and then opted to take a nap before we were actively in labor.

I couldn't sleep, so I sent out a few snaps ;)

At about 11 30 I called our nurse in.  Contractions were getting pretty strong and I felt like the epidural could use a touch up.  Labor was moving more quickly than Michael or I anticipated and there were a few women receiving their epidurals before we would see the anesthesiologist again.

The next 30 minutes are a complete blur.  I remember trying to focus on breaths, fighting through each contraction as they came.  By noon, contractions were borderline unbearable and pelvic pressure was immense.  I called our nurse back in and sure enough, it was time to push.  Panic set it when I realized I'd be feeling as much as I was and our nurse did an amazing job of talking me through the fear and focusing all my energy on getting our baby girl out.  Michael was a pretty stellar cheerleader himself!

With just 20 minutes of pushing, Phoebe Rose was born at 12:19 PM.  6 lbs 7 oz and 18" of perfection!
She didn't immediately cry out and as soon as our nurse brought her to me, she nuzzled into my chest.  That moment, right after your baby is born and you hold them for the first time.. It's unlike any other experience.  It's so beautiful and your heart grows in ways you never knew possible!

I don't know if it is because P is number 3, but this was the smoothest delivery we had.  Quick, not painless, but perfect.  The room was quiet and unlike Beck and Ellia's births, it was just Michael and I, our Dr. and a nurse.  & hey, maybe labor just gets
a little easier with each baby, because you know what to expect AND that you have to expect the unexpected ;) We're so thankful for our 3 babies and we couldn't wait for Beckett and Ellia to meet their baby sister.

Just a few hours after she was born, the big kids came to meet sweet Phoebe! Beckett's comprehension and excitement for P, left me feeling pretty confident he would rock being a big brother all over again! That said, I've worried since day 1 how Ellia would handle the transition to middle child.  She may not be a baby anymore, but she's been my baby and the baby of our family for almost 4 years.  Needless to say, I can't believe I spent even a second worrying about her transition.  She loves Phoebe SO much and refers to P as "HER" baby!

Its been such a seamless transition and even though Phoebe has been with us for just a month, its hard to imagine life without her!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

39 weeks!

39 weeks.  It's about time I share our 35 week maternity photos, isn't it? 

Part of me can't believe we're almost there, the other part is so ready for this pregnancy to be over.  It's been such a roller coaster!  

Phoebe has been pretty stubborn during ultrasounds and because of our high risk pregnancy with Ellia, our OB has kept a close eye.  We've had an abundance of ultrasounds, none of which have revealed our sweet babes face!  She's either turned away or has her hands covering most her face, little stinker!  We do know she has an oval head, unlike her brother and sister.  Babe might be a cone head just like her mama ;)

Our best ultrasound image.  Profile and she's sucking her thumb
Despite of my lack of mobility, I actually feel pretty good!  Phoebe was burrowed down in my pelvis for the majority of our pregnancy, causing severe discomfort, but as soon as we hit 37 weeks she decided to bounce on up.  Clearly she likes to do things her own way ;) 

While I'm definitely feeling better physically, hormones are giving me a run for my money.  I've been far more emotional this pregnancy than I was with either Beckett or Ellia.  Tears over e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I cannot even listen to the end of the movie, "Storks," I immediately start bawling!  

Beckett and Ellia are both due to start school next week, coincidently, on our due date.  Ellia's starting her second year of Pre-k and Beckett's headed into Kindergarten!  The amount of change headed our way is so exciting, but also enough to send my head into a spin.  These next few weeks are going to be full of chaos, but the most wonderful kind! 

Both kids are beyond excited to meet their baby sister.  They smother my belly in hugs and kisses and absolutely LOVE feeling her movements!  For the past month, Beckett has asked every day if today is the day we get to meet Phoebe.  Being able to share these sweet moments and excitement with the kids has made this pregnancy so so special! 

It's only fitting that my birks made it into this photo haha they've been my shoe of choice all pregnancy!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Family pictures

We treated my mom to family pictures for Mother's Day.  After 20 years living on the last little stretch of land in the middle of suburbia, my mom is moving!  We're so sad to say goodbye to our childhood home, but also excited for new beginnings.  The land has stayed in the family and Michael's company is going to build a nice, small community.  What better way to say farewell than a family photo opt in our favorite place we've called home?  

I'm so grateful to my friend Dionna, of Dionna McCarthy Photography for capturing these moments!  We will treasure them forever!

 These are just a *few* of our favs and we snuck in a few bump pictures, too ;)

This is taken at the bottom of the best sledding hill around, right out our back door.

We all learned to drive on that dirt road to the left... at ages much younger than 15 ;)

Michael and I painted this during our engagement session

We found a sleeping bag in the loft haha 
apparently there's a squatter making use of this space before it's torn down! 

That sliding door right below the stairs?  It's where one of our Alpaca birthed her baby during a blizzard.  The space under the deck?  That's where I bottled fed my baby calf one Summer.

That fenced space behind us was a 1 acre vegetable garden while my dad was alive and it was gorgeous.  It's been nearly 12 years, but I can still see him out there calling my name to help pick weeds haha 

We had to sneak in a few bump pictures!  
Beckett was too busy chasing his Uncle Tait around to participate haha

Just 2 1/2 more months until our due date!

You know you have an amazing photographer when they photoshop in a T-Rex into a photo per your brothers request haha! 

Here are a few of our outfit details!  All of our cowboy boots were purchased at Shepler's.   Ellia's bow is the "Millie" in Confetti, available in my etsy shop  Michael's button down is UntuckIt, his one stop shop for collared shirts! 



Monday, May 15, 2017

pregnancy update + pregnancy must haves

Some days this pregnancy feels like it's flying by and others I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever.  We hit some rocky waters around week 20 when Phoebe decided to nuzzle so deeply in my pelvis that our ultrasound tech could not identify several needed measurements.  Our plan was to check again at the next ultrasound at 24 weeks, but an atypical migraine had me back in the office at 21 weeks and we decided to check to see if she had moved then.  She had not.  The measurements they were able to obtain were measuring behind schedule (under the 15th percentile) and because of the placental insufficiency we endured with Ellia's pregnancy, our Doctor thought it best we schedule an assessment with a high risk specialist.

(side thought: has anyone else had/have hormonal migraines during pregnancy?  I was fine with Beckett, but both girl pregnancies have resulted in debilitating headaches!  I never had issues with vision until this pregnancy and let me tell you, sudden visual black outs/spots are terrifying!)

little thumb sucker! 

We made an appointment with the wonderful high risk specialist we saw with Ellia.  About 2 days before that appointment (around 22 weeks)  we were laying in bed when Phoebe completely rearranged her position-from our perspective it looked like a complete headstand! When we got to the high risk they confirmed that she had moved and they were able to get all the images needed, yay! Measurements all look great and Little Miss is actually measuring around the 70th percentile, easing our worries and making her, potentially, the biggest Alpert baby yet! She also has an oval head and seems to be taking more after mama a little more than Beck or Ellie Belle.  We have several pictures of her sucking her thumb, resembling the images my mom has of me sucking mine in utero as well!

I so badly want to love all our 3D images... but I'd be lying if I said they didn't creep me out a little. 
onesie: // headbands:

The kids are so excited to meet their sister, Beckett especially.  He asks about Phoebe all the time and if it's the day for her to come home yet!  He loves to feel kicks and movements and my heart just explodes every time I see his face light up because of it!  Ellie is also excited, but not as enthusiastic as Beckett.  She felt a few kicks the other day and looked up at me with an expression that could only be described as, "what the actual f*@#?"

Chasing two kids while pregnant is no joke.  I feel like I have a medicine ball attached to my stomach hindering my ability to move, chase and carry the babes like I would have before (and in a sense, I do). By the end of the day I can hardly keep my eyes open and sometimes I even crash before the kids.  While I don't have a huge list of must haves, there are a few things this pregnancy that have made things a little easier and more comfortable.

My MIL gave us her soda stream a while back and it's my favorite thing, ever.  I have never used it to make soda, though.  I make my own sparkling water and infuse it with my beloved YL oils, which I actually enjoy more than the canned sparkling water.  Not to mention, it's way more cost efficient than drinking a 12 pack of La Croix to myself in 2 days time haha

Birkenstocks.  I have eyed these for years, but never bought a pair because of the price.  I tried on my first pair this year and you guys, they are amazing.  They are so comfortable and they have arch support for your toes, YOUR TOES.  These will be the only sandals you'll find my swollen pregnant feet in this Summer.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo smells amazing and is great for the mom that's too exhausted to wash their hair more than 1-2 times a week.

Blanqi pregnancy tanks.  I was pretty turned off by the price of this tank, but decided to give it a try anyway and it's worth every penny!  Very comfy, easy to layer and I imagine this will be a closet staple this Summer, the belly support is ahhhhmazing.

Bio Oil.  My favorite stretch mark treatment/prevention oil!  I've used it all 3 pregnancies and it works like a dream.  My favoftire thing about it this pregnancy is that it soothes the aching that comes along with stretching skin.  I don't remember experiencing that with the other two and I love that pain can be eased by simply applying a mild oil.  I also love mixing in a little frankincense for the grounding aroma and beneficial topical properties ( I mix frank in with my face moisturizer every night, too! It is my liquid gold.)

Gigantic support pillow.  I used the same $20 body pillow from Target for both Beckett and Ellie's pregnancies and survived fine. This pregnancy, that pillow was not cuttin' it.  My hips still ached, my back and neck were sore every morning and I was desperate for relief.  When I found this pillow, I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did!  It offers support in all the necessary places and I don't think I would have had a decent nights sleep without it these past few months.  Though, don't make the mistake of letting kids or husbands get a taste of how sweet this pillow is, or they will try to steal it from you ;)

As of right now, we are a week shy of 7 months, Miss Phoebe has happily repositioned herself in my pelvis and we are so excited to be closer to meeting our sweet girl!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

20 week update

It's hard to believe we're already half way through this pregnancy!  Morning sickness, migraines and exhaustion were all consuming through about week 17, I'm so thankful to be feeling better now!  Headaches are still a daily occurrence, but they've become a little more manageable without those other symptoms :)  Beckett's pregnancy was a piece of cake, I was sick my entire pregnancy with Ellia (migraines + nausea) and this go around I feel like it's kind of a blend of the two.

Our 20 week ultrasound picture is crinkled all to bits because the kids can't stop sneaking peeks of their sister and the picture itself is hard to see because Phoebe is already a dedicated gymnast. The anatomy scan was a partial success but because of said gymnast, we're being treated to round two in a few weeks. Hopefully she'll move her head up a little from my pelvis so we can see what we need to. Just like Ellia, Phoebe has started to fall behind on her growth curve so we'll be keeping an eye on that. Overall, it was a successful visit! 

Note to self: when you tell your 5 year old you're going to see the baby, make sure to specify that it is an ultrasound and will be pictures only.  I failed to do so and the disappointment that loomed over Beckett when he realized he didn't actually get to meet his sister yet was nothing short of heart breaking!  His words matched with puppy dog eyes, "but we already have pictures.. this means I don't get to hold her yet?" 

I developed a few new food allergies between my last pregnancy and now, so working around cravings has been a bit of a challenge.  I burst into tears over a fried egg around week 14 and lord knows I would jump through hoops for some glutenous baked goods.  In leu of these cravings, I am learning a lot about allergy friendly cooking/baking, so I suppose it's a blessing in disguise ;)

Unlike my previous pregnancies, I'm craving meat.  I could eat beef for every meal.  Steak, roast beef, pastrami, ribs .. I love it all!  We keep joking that it's not a baby bump, it's a beef bump!  Another staple in my diet is chia seed pudding.  I eat it almost nightly for dessert.  I'm also loving nut-butter + honey + banana sandwiches, smoothies.. anything fruit related, HOT TAMALES and of course, Chipotle.

We didn't have a gender reveal for Beckett or Ellia so we decided to have a little one with family this time.  Since we are Friends fanatics, the reveal took on a "Phoebe or Phoebo" theme.  Turns out baby number 3 is a Phoebe and it's stuck as her nickname ;)

Beckett and Ellie are both very excited to have a little sister. Beckett hugs my belly all the time and tells Phoebe how much he loves her.  He's such an amazing big brother and our girls are lucky to have him watching over them!

His current belief is that the baby came in a package, climbed out and tip toed over to me while I was sleeping, opened my mouth real wide so she could crawl down to my belly.  Then, when she's ready to come out, she's going to crawl back up and climb out of my mouth.. Oh kids ;)

Ellia loves feeling for Phoebe kicks and is certain she's right inside my belly button.  I'm excited to get her her own baby doll sling and little bag to match mama and hopefully ease the transition from baby to middle child!

I have loved each pregnancy for a different reason, but this pregnancy might just be the most special.  Sharing it with Beckett and Ellia and watching their curiosity and love grow for their little sister is nothing short of magical.  Seriously.  All the warm and fuzzies over here.  

We cannot wait to meet you little Phoebe!