Friday, June 2, 2017

Family pictures

We treated my mom to family pictures for Mother's Day.  After 20 years living on the last little stretch of land in the middle of suburbia, my mom is moving!  We're so sad to say goodbye to our childhood home, but also excited for new beginnings.  The land has stayed in the family and Michael's company is going to build a nice, small community.  What better way to say farewell than a family photo opt in our favorite place we've called home?  

I'm so grateful to my friend Dionna, of Dionna McCarthy Photography for capturing these moments!  We will treasure them forever!

 These are just a *few* of our favs and we snuck in a few bump pictures, too ;)

This is taken at the bottom of the best sledding hill around, right out our back door.

We all learned to drive on that dirt road to the left... at ages much younger than 15 ;)

Michael and I painted this during our engagement session

We found a sleeping bag in the loft haha 
apparently there's a squatter making use of this space before it's torn down! 

That sliding door right below the stairs?  It's where one of our Alpaca birthed her baby during a blizzard.  The space under the deck?  That's where I bottled fed my baby calf one Summer.

That fenced space behind us was a 1 acre vegetable garden while my dad was alive and it was gorgeous.  It's been nearly 12 years, but I can still see him out there calling my name to help pick weeds haha 

We had to sneak in a few bump pictures!  
Beckett was too busy chasing his Uncle Tait around to participate haha

Just 2 1/2 more months until our due date!

You know you have an amazing photographer when they photoshop in a T-Rex into a photo per your brothers request haha! 

Here are a few of our outfit details!  All of our cowboy boots were purchased at Shepler's.   Ellia's bow is the "Millie" in Confetti, available in my etsy shop  Michael's button down is UntuckIt, his one stop shop for collared shirts! 



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